Restaurant Reviews

North London

  1. Myra Cafe & Brasserie

60 Chase Side, London N14


Myra’s is a cafe on Southgate high street that does traditional Turkish Breakfasts. The Breakfast comes with 2 fried eggs, sucuk which is spicy sausage, hellim- goats cheese, a salad that consists of green chili peppers, tomatoes, soft goats chesse , olive oil and hot red pepper flakes, with sides of olives, strawberry jam, turkish margarine, different types of cheese and a mixture of honey and cream. The breakfast is served with unlimited Turkish tea and is heaven on a plank (the wooden platter…)! Turkish breakfasts have a lot of choices and consists of much more than this usually, however it is a great way to introduce British people to a taste of the Turkish tradition. This breakfast is also served with two different types of bread; Turkish round bread and warm simit (bagels with sesame seeds).

Overall satisfaction: ★★★★

2. Kervan

80 Church Street
Edmonton, London N9 9PB
Photo© Google
Kervan is known for their many kebab shops all around North London, a wedding salon and their cafe. They are also known for their Kervan Special’s, this is the specialty, it comes with two different types of rice, and a range of meats from chicken wings to adana kebab which is a long spicy meatball, to lamb shish and a rack of ribs.
This is enough to serve 8-10 people and still manages to be enough for left overs!
Overall Satisfaction:★★★★
3. Aksular
Green Lanes | Palmers Green, London N13
Photo ©Google
Aksular is another Turkish restaurant which does every range of kebab, from shish kebab to lahmacun-Turkishn Pizza! (pictured above). They offer you free Mezze (starters) which comes as salad, bread, hummus and cacik. This is one of my favorite restaurants as the staff treat you as well as the food!
Overall satisfaction:★★★★★
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