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Welcome to The Turk Kitchen, our vision is to create a website eligible for all English speakers to be able to indulge in the Turkish culture, we wanted to created a website that could reach out to Brits who wanted to get involved with the Turkish tradition, which largely revolves around food. Our website is easy to access and easy to find step-by-step Turkish recipes. The recipes are specifically in English for non-Turkish speakers and for Brits who would like to be able to recreate the recipes they eat at their favorite restaurants.Why now? As a Turk who went far north to University I had to cook my own food and it was very hard to find Turkish recipes in English online so we have decided for everyone that is struggling to find kekik (oregano) at your local supermarket, this is a website for you.  We will be translating the most common herbs for you as well as redirecting you to where you can find certain ingredients which no other website offers ans well as reviewing Turkish restaurants to encourage our viewers to try our tradition in some of the most authentic restaurants.  



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Business Proposal

Our Journalistic product is our blog to promote the Turkish and Cypriot culture through our food by giving step by step recipes and reviews of current Turkish restaurants as well as giving information about where the food originates from and some of the key ingredients and where you can find them from.

Our potential clients are British Turks as well as Brits who would like to get in touch with our culture, learn more about our food and how to make home foods that are not offered in restaurants. We aim for our Target Audience (TA) to be over 25’s who enjoy cooking with Mediterranean and  Ottoman cuisine.


We do not have a lot of competition therefore we have a lot of capability to succeed within the food blogging business. We will expand out horizons with our audience. The information on the blog is in English and therefore more accessible to people all over the country. Our aim is to promote the Turkish and Cypriot culture and tradition.


As a start up business we do not have a lot of experience as we are a new brand and have limited finances.

Due to there not being many Turkish Recipe websites online that offer information about the culture and tradition in English, there are not many threats and therefore not a lot of competition.

Our costing will be provided through Turkish supermarkets and restaurants that we review and use to locate certain ingredients. If our take off is successful, we would like to offer our TA an opportunity to subscribe to our website where we will offer live cooking shows of hard recipes in order to create an intimate and close relationship with our audience, send out a termly magazine with discounts at the restaurants that promote us as well as brand new recipes.

Our Advertising will be through the restaurants we review, the supermarkets we also promote and through social media as it is a cheap efficient way to promote a start up business, therefore we can watch our costing. We will we using Facebook as the TA on Facebook is larger, and will be using Instagram as it has proved to be one of the most influential ways to promote food.

Due to being an online business we do not need to employ any staff and do not need an office, however in the future if we do expand we will employ people to do reviews for restaurants.

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